Ishizaki Honten

Construction system

Construction system

Pursuing safety and high quality for construction in glass, sashes, ALC panels and extrusion molding cement plate works, we have carried out construction management coordinating multiple subcontractors. Also, we have made efforts toward environmental initiatives and implemented our unique approach to meeting the expectations of customers.

Business content

Five prefectures throughout the Chugoku region are covered. We have carried out activities over a wide area from urban areas to mountainous areas and the Seto Island Sea. As for glass work, we own large construction machines and conduct installation of a variety of sizes of glass from small glass of internal fittings to supersized plates. We can implement the special conduction method (DPG, etc.) and meet requests from design offices and construction companies.
In addition, sash work operations are managed by mainly experienced construction managers. A wide range of works from maintenance work to large curtain wall installation work can be conducted.
We also have a number of subcontractors who have acquired national qualifications in ALC panel and extrusion molding cement plate work. The works are carried out with the experience of professionals and the mobility of young workers.

Safety and environment

We have held safety cooperation meetings "Hatsuka-kai (20th meeting)" once a month to promote improvement in awareness and skills for safety.
We aim to create a positive climate through communication with various persons across business fields.
Also, we have carried out a variety of initiatives to promote consideration for the environment. As an example, we bring back the packaging materials generated on-site to separate, collect and recycle them.

Safety Patrol

We have participated in each on-site patrol to develop an eye so that unsafe places and work practices will not be missed, and reflected it back to "Hatsuka-kai."

Number of qualified persons
First-class registered architects
2 persons
Second-class registered architects
1 persons
First-class building operation and management engineers
8 persons
Second-class building operation and management engineers (finish)
35 persons
Second-class building operation and management engineers (building frame)
3 persons
First-class glass construction engineers
18 persons
Second-class glass construction engineers
43 persons
First-class glass film construction engineers
2 persons
Second-class water-proofing engineers
3 persons
ALC panel construction engineers
2 persons