Ishizaki Honten

Wall installation work

Staff members familiarized with wall materials play a role in creating a comfortable space

Wall materials are essential for creating a comfortable space to meet functionality such as heat insulation, sound insulation and strength. Also, a building can astonish and leave an impression with people depending on its materials and design of exterior walls. Based on the concept "Undertake all exterior walls," we consistently carry out all processes from proposal of techniques at the design stage, work drawings and construction for wall materials (ALC, extrusion molding cement plate, etc.) of buildings undertaken by major general contractors throughout Japan and local general contractors, builders and design offices. First, we submit an estimate of an order requested by a costumer. After receiving an order, we address work drawings. And then decide the construction processes and arrange staff and materials to start construction. We are asked for our opinions and advice on wall materials at the phase of design drawing. Also it is important to provide the latest information (promotion of new product, etc.) for customers. We make various proposals utilizing our knowledge and skills cultivated over many years. These proposal capability and construction management capability that can promptly and flexibly make a response are our great strengths. We will continue to precisely communicate with customers and on-site staff to expand our business performing high-quality work.

01ALC panel/extrusion molding cement plate work

Work for interior and exterior wall materials such as ALC, extrusion molding cement plate and slate soundproof walls.