Ishizaki Honten

Window installation work

Manufacturing windows to meet function and design as a professional of sash and glass

The impression of a building varies depending on the number and design of windows, the kind of glass used and other factors. As you know, it is essential to meet functionalities such as a field of view, heat insulation, daylight and durability. Our company which started out as a glass wholesaler has continued its work with pride as a professional who has handled glass for 100 years. As for window installation work, we have conducted installation of glass and sashes on buildings that is undertaken by major general contractors throughout Japan and local general contractors, builders and design offices. We submit an estimate upon request by the customer. After receiving an order, we arrange staff and materials for construction and manage the on-site work. At the stage of design drawing, we are frequently asked for our opinions and advice on glass and sashes. Moreover, it is also important to provide the latest product information for customers. We provide various proposals utilizing our knowledge and skills cultivated over many years. As for construction, we dispatch employees who can carry out the project as well as exclusive craftsmen and strictly observe the construction period to strengthen the trust relationship with each customer. We will continue to pass on our original proposal capability and excellent human resources to make a further leap forward as a professional that can meet the needs of customers.

01Glass work

From low-rise buildings to high-rise buildings, Glass work (all general glass work and large plate/special glass work), glass block, sealing and film work.

02Sash work (metal fittings work)

All works of metal fittings such as aluminum, steel, stainless sashes, shutters, partitions and top lights for buildings.

03Housing-related work

Handling of sashes, glass and bars for new residential housing, and all processes from meetings to deliveries are consistently conducted.

04Direct-sales work

Reform work of independent housing and apartments. Replacement of windows and entrances, carport work, etc.